Re: [gnome-db] Name proposal/contest for gnome-db/gASQL

>>>>Both the browser from gnome-db and gASQL appear similar (because there is a
>>>>common point visible which is the DBMS) but still they are different (have
>>>>different goals). Both concepts (DBMS management and app development) are
>>>>useful. But it appears to me that the integration should clarify how to best
>>>>put them together.
>>>> Or am I completely out of context?
>>Rodrigo> no, you are right. The only problem is that we need somebody to write
>>Rodrigo> the docs and keep them updated along with the website.
>>i could help with the website and possible with the docs too
>>i have had a bit of experince with websites mostly programming for them
>>(i am part of the XEmacs web team to name the one most known)
>that would be great! The website is on the gnome-db-web CVS module, and
>the docs are in $module/doc/C, for libgda, libgnomedb and gnome-db.

As soon as GNOME2 is released I intend to update my "Data Access with 
Linux" ( presentation to the 
latest GNOME-DB/GDA/GASL/EGNIMA release.  Mostly that is end-user oriented 
documentation (how to install, create a data source, use the tools, 
etc...) and not so much API or developer documentation.

I'd jump on it now but I use my GNOME desktop about 10 hours a day and I 
really *need* GNOME to "just work" (which at 1.4.x it does).

On another topic, is anyone working on the LDAP provider?

Also curious if anyone has given any thought to adding GDA support to Open 
Office (it already support ODBC and JDBC)?

I mentioned once a while back about creating an XML-RPC binding to GDA, 
and I still intend to look into that.  But I figured I'd wait until GNOME2 
and all had settled down as it looks like GNOME2 has some SOAP/XML-RPC 
stuff 'built in'.

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