Re: [gnome-db] Connection Widget / Other stuff

On Fri, 2002-01-25 at 14:21, Cleber Rodrigues Rosa Junior wrote:
> Hi Rodrigo, 
> Hi Gonzalo,
> Hi All,
> I noticed that GnomeDbConnectionSelector was only half
> implemented, so I decided to give it a try. So, it made
> sense to me to have a GnomeDbConnection first, and then
> make a selector based on it.
hmm, what purpose will have the GnomeDbConnection widget? The
GnomeDbConnectionSelector is just an option menu (the one in the right
in, so
I can't think what that GnomeDbConnection widget will do :-)

And yes, you're right, GnomeDbConnectionSelector is just half
implemented, but the idea would be to just have display a list of
connections, and a couple of widget signals to inform of changes (in the
selection, for instance), and nothing more.

Were you thinking of something else?

> So, the first thing I found myself in need of was something
> like gda_connection_is_open, which I implememented, patch
> follows.
ok, patch applied

> The one other thing holding me back is that a GdaConnection
> does not hold in any the name of it's associated DataSource,
> preventing me from getting a GdaDataSourceInfo.
> Is this really missing or am I missing something? If we're
> short on this, how do you want it to be? Tell me and I'll
> send you a patch.
it is missing, because we don't use GDA dsn's for opening connections in
the GdaConnection object, we use the connection string, as defined in
the GDA data source. I guess this should be changed, and we should be
using the GDA data source name, and then have the GdaConnection object
internally retrieve the connection string for that data source, and send
it to the provider.

I'll change this right now.

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> - <rodrigo ximian com> -

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