Re: [gnome-db] New patch for postgres. Constness. Time, Timestamp, Date.

Am 2002.01.10 01:05 schrieb(en) Rodrigo Moya:
> On Wed, 2002-01-09 at 02:34, Gonzalo Paniagua Javier wrote:
> > 	Some questions have arised:
> > 
> > 		-What should the provider do in execute_command() when
> > 		one of the command of a ';' separated list have failed?
> > 		Should free the already allocated recordsets and return
> > 		NULL to show that something failed? Add an error and
> > 		continue processing the list of commands?
> > 
> I don't have a strong opinion on this. I personally think you should
> just fail and return NULL as soon as one of the commands fail. Anyone
> has any suggestion?


IMO it should be possible to select one of the tow posibilities.

something like 
on error continue;
on error abort;


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