Re: [gnome-db] compiling gnome - db-1.85 stuff

I got it working finally(it even built), had to use the 3.3.11db and that header hack, there must be some reason for using that version maybe. Here's a script I wrote for making sure there weren't any old versions lying around getting found first; there are probably better ways to do this... and I need to add a option that will run it without deleting anything to make it safer, but:

Usage: yesno [path to keeps] [path to suspected (doomed) duplicates]

#!/usr/bin/env python
print "yesno, duplicate file destroyer"
import os,sys
print paths
for things in keep:
 for stuff in discard:
  if stuff == things:
for item in doomed:
 print 'removing: '+dltq
os.remove(dltq) except: print 'Usage: yesno [path to keeps] [path to suspected (doomed) duplicates]'

Thanks for prodding me on, I almost gave up too soon. How are you supposed to figure out when you've got to use an in-between version of something only!! :)

Rodrigo Moya wrote:

On Mon, 2002-02-11 at 15:29, mbrian wrote:

Gnome-libs is, I found a reference to other lfs users doing:

Berzerkeley DB: (3.3.11 specific)
   UCB's database library.
       cd build_unix/
       ../dist/configure \
         --prefix=/usr \
         --enable-compat185 \
         --enable-static \
       make docdir=/usr/doc/Berkeley-DB all install
       cd /usr/lib/ && ln -s libdb-3.3.a libdb.a
       sed 's/^DB185/DB/' /usr/include/db_185.h > /usr/include/
       mv /usr/include/ /usr/include/db_185.h

(they too neglected to mention what version of gnome they were trying) I will try this and, I guess it worked for somebody.. I was really hoping there would be something obviously missing that I don't see. I complain, but I'm building this lfs system (where you take a empty disk and compile *everything*) to uncover all of the things, like this, that keep me from ever building any of the cool stuff; when I can't figure out if it's a bug in the app or just my broken distro (like the atexit() glibc problem I used to have).. If I use a binary, that would be cheating. I've already done that once with mozilla ;) . ...thought maybe there might be something that is part of every standard distro that I haven't got yet.
Oh yeah, configure bails like this:
checking for umode_t... no
checking for dbopen... no
checking for dbopen in -ldb... no
checking for dbopen in -ldb1... no
checking for __db185_open in -ldb-3... no
If that rings any bells.. I figured it would at least start passing a couple of them now that I've got libdb-4.0.a,,,, libdb.a, in local/lib &
db.h, db_185.h, db_cxx.h in local/include.

has gnome-libs' configure any flag for specifying a different db?
version than the default one? Such as --with-db-dir or something like

If so, you may force it to use the db? version you want.


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