Re: [gnome-db] compiling gnome - db-1.85 stuff

Gnome-libs is, I found a reference to other lfs users doing:

Berzerkeley DB: (3.3.11 specific)
   UCB's database library.
       cd build_unix/
       ../dist/configure \
         --prefix=/usr \
         --enable-compat185 \
         --enable-static \
       make docdir=/usr/doc/Berkeley-DB all install
       cd /usr/lib/ && ln -s libdb-3.3.a libdb.a
       sed 's/^DB185/DB/' /usr/include/db_185.h > /usr/include/
       mv /usr/include/ /usr/include/db_185.h

(they too neglected to mention what version of gnome they were trying) I will try this and, I guess it worked for somebody.. I was really hoping there would be something obviously missing that I don't see. I complain, but I'm building this lfs system (where you take a empty disk and compile *everything*) to uncover all of the things, like this, that keep me from ever building any of the cool stuff; when I can't figure out if it's a bug in the app or just my broken distro (like the atexit() glibc problem I used to have).. If I use a binary, that would be cheating. I've already done that once with mozilla ;) . ...thought maybe there might be something that is part of every standard distro that I haven't got yet.
Oh yeah, configure bails like this:
checking for umode_t... no
checking for dbopen... no
checking for dbopen in -ldb... no
checking for dbopen in -ldb1... no
checking for __db185_open in -ldb-3... no
If that rings any bells.. I figured it would at least start passing a couple of them now that I've got libdb-4.0.a,,,, libdb.a, in local/lib &
db.h, db_185.h, db_cxx.h in local/include.

Rodrigo Moya wrote:

On Mon, 2002-02-11 at 11:07, mbrian wrote:

I can't get gnome-libs to configure beyond the dbopen tests.
For some reason db-1.85 won't compile on my linuxfromscratch system, or slackware 7.1 and the slackware db-1.85.4.slackware.bin.tgz package's libraries weren't convincing enough for configure... I managed to get db-4.0.14 to compile (with the --enable-compat185 option) and still nothing. I swear, *with* gnome, whenever I want to some gnome application, it seems like they all need ~6 packages if you count the dependencies dependencies and you're *never* caught up (you would think eventually you would simply fill up your disk or something). I guess it's no suprise that gnome-libs is even worse. I've spent forever with this, and I'm sure that configure is going to complain when I finally get *this* about something new many more times.

gnome-libs is the base GNOME package, so the problem is that you've got
no GNOME at all installed in your system.

Why don't you get binary packages? (there are somewhere for Slackware, I
heard about it not much ago, so if you search on google, you'll find

Is there a *simple* solution for the dbopen thing that somebody here knows about? I figure it's probably something in my base libraries, like libc or something? I'm stuck, I need a hint maybe? Don't mean to whine so much, but twm is making me sick. Hope it's OK that there isn't any funky code or pages of logs for anyone :)(: in this. ..Now I've got to get an intermediate window manager to use to step-up to gnome, I always wondered why it always seems to be running in tandem with sawfish or enlightenment :).
have you installed the -devel package for that db-1.85 file?

BTW, as noted by Daniel, this problem has nothing to do with
gnome-db/libgda, but with gnome-libs and the Berkeley DB version it's

Also, by what you say, it seems to me you're trying to compile a very
old version of gnome-libs. What version is it?


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