[gnome-db] compiling gnome - db-1.85 stuff

I can't get gnome-libs to configure beyond the dbopen tests.
For some reason db-1.85 won't compile on my linuxfromscratch system, or slackware 7.1 and the slackware db-1.85.4.slackware.bin.tgz package's libraries weren't convincing enough for configure... I managed to get db-4.0.14 to compile (with the --enable-compat185 option) and still nothing. I swear, *with* gnome, whenever I want to some gnome application, it seems like they all need ~6 packages if you count the dependencies dependencies and you're *never* caught up (you would think eventually you would simply fill up your disk or something). I guess it's no suprise that gnome-libs is even worse. I've spent forever with this, and I'm sure that configure is going to complain when I finally get *this* about something new many more times. Is there a *simple* solution for the dbopen thing that somebody here knows about? I figure it's probably something in my base libraries, like libc or something? I'm stuck, I need a hint maybe? Don't mean to whine so much, but twm is making me sick. Hope it's OK that there isn't any funky code or pages of logs for anyone :)(: in this. ..Now I've got to get an intermediate window manager to use to step-up to gnome, I always wondered why it always seems to be running in tandem with sawfish or enlightenment :).

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