Re: [gnome-db] Using gdb to debug libgda


Thank you.

Now, I was able to see my whole string.  :)

SELECT a.aggname AS "Name", a.oid AS "Object Id",
 t.typname as "IN Type",obj_description(a.oid) AS "Comments" 
FROM pg_aggregate a, pg_type t, pg_user b 
WHERE a.aggbasetype = t.oid AND b.usesysid=a.aggowner


SELECT a.aggname AS "Name", a.oid AS "Object Id", '---' AS "IN Type", 
 obj_description(a.oid) AS "Comments"
FROM pg_aggregate a, pg_user b
WHERE a.aggbasetype = 0
AND b.usesysid=a.aggowner
ORDER BY aggname, typname

I changed my ORDER BY to 1, 3 and the query worked!
I noticed PostgreSQL allows ORDER BY using aliases too.  I thought that
was neat -- ORDER BY "Name", "IN Type"

On Sat, 2002-02-09 at 07:09, Serge Pavlovsky wrote:
> (gdb) p query->str+200
> (gdb) p query->str+400
> On , 2002-02-09 at 13:38, Daniel Morgan wrote:
> > However, when I use print or display to see a string containing the SQL
> > statement, the whole string does not get displayed.  Gdb truncates the
> > display of the string and puts elipses.

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