[gnome-db] Using gdb to debug libgda

At the suggestion of Rodrigo, I am using gdb to debug libgda.  Actually,
I'm debugging the gda postgres provider.  The executable file is
gda-postgres-srv and the C source file is gda-postgres-connection.c.

However, when I use print or display to see a string containing the SQL
statement, the whole string does not get displayed.  Gdb truncates the
display of the string and puts elipses.

For example, if the variable query->str is 442 characters long, it
truncates the display of the string, such as:

(gdb) print query->str
$1 = (
     gchar *) 0x809f478 "SELECT a.aggname AS \"Name\", a.oid AS \"Object Id\",t.
typename as \"IN Type\",obj_description(a.oid) AS \"Comments\" FROM pg_aggregate
 a, pg_type t, pg_user b WHERE a.aggbasetype = t.oid AND b.usesysid=a.ag"...

And all you get is elipses at the end.  How do I display the whole
string?  Can I output the results to a file instead of the screen?

Also, I am interested in copying the SQL statement and then pasting it
into a gnomedb-fe (Gnome DB Frontend) SQL Window to run the query to see
how it works (or not).

I've used DDD as well, but all DDD does shows is what gdb shows.

Any suggestions?


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