Re: [gnome-db] a couple of questions


sorry for not responding to the other sybase related mails. I'm
very busy at the moment, so i'm happy you are dealing with it.

Though i'm following the mails on the list.

On Fri, Oct 05, 2001 at 12:26:55AM -0400, Mike + Julie wrote:
> Hey all,
> I've been hacking on the sybase provider (currently I'm fixing the error
> handling) and I have a couple of questions:
> when you have multiple queries with the gnome-db front end:
> select * from systypes
> select * from sysobjects
> sybase will return multiple result sets, but the gnome-db front end ignores
> the second query.  my question is that when I'm building a result set in
> gda_sybase_command_execute, can you have multiple result sets in a
> GdaServerRecordset object? If there is not, how do you handle situations where
> you have more then one result set for a query?

At the moment not. I thought about it, but found no quick solution
and have not gotten that deep into gda-code yet, to add a list-feature
for resultsets. Meanwhile i discarded all result-sets beyond the first
(using CS_CANCEL) to avoid the connection to be blocked, because sybase
ocli blocks a connection until all resultsets are fetched.

The error handling was splitted into a callback-based error handling using
the open-client library calls directly (wanted to switch to that), and a
manual error handling. You can remove any of both, as you wish. The easiest
way is to search for the SYB_CHK_ERR macro i wrote to switch to either of 
both without much changes.

If you've got any questions regarding the sybase code itself, you can 
contact me. :-)



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