[gnome-db] a couple of questions

Hey all,

I've been hacking on the sybase provider (currently I'm fixing the error
handling) and I have a couple of questions:

when you have multiple queries with the gnome-db front end:

select * from systypes

select * from sysobjects

sybase will return multiple result sets, but the gnome-db front end ignores
the second query.  my question is that when I'm building a result set in
gda_sybase_command_execute, can you have multiple result sets in a
GdaServerRecordset object? If there is not, how do you handle situations where
you have more then one result set for a query?

My other question is, how much are the providers changing for the gnome 2 code
(HEAD)?  I'm curious because I've been doing all my hacking on the stable
branch and I don't want to do the same work twice =-)


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