Re: [gnome-db]Introductions and Proposed Changes

On 07 May 2001 15:34:51 +0200, Reinhard Müller wrote:
> "Ian D.Stewart" wrote:
> > I spoke with Reinhard last night on IRC, and he mentioned a list of proposed
> > changes he sent to you and gnome-db-list c. 04 Nov 2000.  He had said that he
> > has not, as of yet, implemented any of those changes.
> Uh yes. BTW this is something I feel I have to excuse for. I _really_
> wanted to do it, but fate had other plans for me ;-)
> > I am wondering if you,
> > or anybody else has gotten an opportunity to implement these changes, or if I
> > should take them as my 'marching orders', so to speak.
> As far as I can tell nothing has been implemented. However, the most
> important point IMHO would be implementing GObject signal handling as
> this is available meanwhile. This would make the GTK-less version usable
> finally.
> --
yes, that seems to me also the best starting point.


Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> <rodrigo ximian com>

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