Re: [gnome-db] [Fwd: Re: Communications in Projects...]

> I'm certainly not qualified to comment on development issues (way over my
> head).  But I'm re-doing my "Data Access tools for Linux" presention (the one
> linked to from the gnome-db doc page) and after I finish that I hope to actually
> try writting an app using gnome-db.  So I'll offer to help in any
> "documentation" tasks someone want's to throw my way.

I've read it and must say: very nice, well presented stuff!
(I didn't get used to having my head rotated 270, though ;)

> I have been pounding the merits of gnome-db on other developement lists I'm
> subscribed to.  I really wish there was PHP bindings as that is what I spend 4~6
> hours a day writting.

I'm a coward for not having tried to do that.

Anyway, as I said, I'm willing to do this, and would be very happy to
have someone else along. 

You just have to tell me what exactly you want to do. I can do the
leftover ones, no problem.

Hasta La Vista.

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