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It seems it would be a good idea to write monthly reports about
libgda/gnome-db/gASQL for the rest of the GNOME community to know more
about them.

Any volunteer to do it?


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> From: Dan Mueth <d-mueth uchicago edu>
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> Subject: Re: Communications in Projects...
> Date: 04 Dec 2001 23:42:06 -0600
> On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Jim Gettys wrote:
> > I promised to draft this last summer: I did, but did not see a good
> > opportunity to send it when people were listening (the battles of
> > last summer had died down by the time I drafted this), and then was out for
> > surgery.  So here are some thoughts, I hope we can have a useful discussion.
> Thanks Jim.
> > 	o if you work on a library or component others depend on, you have
> > 	a responsibility that increases with your success to gather input,
> > 	get feedback, communicate plans, etc.  This is particularly critical whenever
> > 	incompatible changes are needed/planned, as this generates work for others,
> > 	and their buy in is essentially required for your (and the project's)
> > 	success.  Projects can live or die on their ability to handle change.
> To echo Jim a bit here...
> The Board spent a good chunk of time one day brainstorming how GNOME can
> get past its growing pains of becoming a very large and complex
> organization where informal communication starts to not scale well.  The
> one main point which we all seemed to agree on was that, especially for
> core GNOME libraries and projects, it is important that the maintainers
> recognize their responsibility to be the voice for their project.  Lots of
> developers of other parts of GNOME rely on these maintainers keeping them
> posted of changes, development status, significant design decisions, etc.
> We decided that an initial format for this would be to ask the project and
> module maintainers to write up periodic reports.  Approximately monthly
> seems appropriate.  The reports could be either included in the GNOME
> Status Report or linked from the GNOME Status Report to the location of
> the document/email on the web.
> I'd like to thank Jeff Waugh for recently and independently coming up with
> this idea and offering to help Christian and Steve gather reports.
> I'd also like to strongly urge maintainers of core GNOME modules and
> projects to periodically post brief status reports so the broader GNOME
> developer community can keep track of the progress and evolution of the
> GNOME platform without following an unwieldy number of mailing lists.
> Dan
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