Re: [gnome-db]new browser widget

Daniel Wagner schrieb am Montag, den 16. April 2001:

> > of /gda. So, you've installed the new code, which does not look at the
> > old GConf section. To fix it, just go to your ~/.gconf directory, and
> > move ~/.gconf/gda to ~/.gconf/apps/gda. But, be sure to stop all gda-*
> > processes before doing this.
> Yes, I saw that and changed my configuration without success. There is
> another effect. When I insert a new 'gda connection' with the manager out 
> of gnomedb-fe, all other entries appear after I inserted a new one. 

ok, the problem is solved. I can't say what it was but after a total
system crash it works again like a charme. Here we learn that system
crashes are not always that bad :)


Daniel Wagner
email: wagi gmx ch

GnuPG: 1024D/DCDE890A (public key available on any keyserver)

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