[gnome-db]GUADEC decisions

Hi all!

Well, I'm back from GUADEC, and here are the decisions we've made. It
was a pity that only Carlos and I were there from gnome-db.

So, please, comment on it so that you can also participate in the
decision, if you want.

* user interface: currently, it is a crap, very confusing, and not very
user-friendly. Things to do are to use wizards for configuration stuff,
add keybindings, and rework some of the widgets. I would be very
grateful to people suggesting UI stuff, even what would be great is to
provide me with a .glade file, which is very easy to do. But well, just
suggestions would also be welcomed :-)
* report engine: I've been talking with some XML guys (Joaquin, Ismael),
and I've finally understood what XSLT is, and I now know it is the way
to go. So, the report engine would only generate XSLT, and, as Joaquin
suggested, we could have a "converter" to be compatible with
gnome-print, so that the XSLT returned by the engine can be easily
accessed and used by clients.
Thus, the clients would be the responsible for generating output in
other formats (PDF, PS, etc).

so, how does it sound?


Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> <rodrigo ximian com>

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