Re: [gnome-db]GUADEC decisions

On 09 Apr 2001 21:34:15 +0200, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> Hi all!
> Well, I'm back from GUADEC, and here are the decisions we've made. It
> was a pity that only Carlos and I were there from gnome-db.
> So, please, comment on it so that you can also participate in the
> decision, if you want.
> * user interface: currently, it is a crap, very confusing, and not very
> user-friendly. Things to do are to use wizards for configuration stuff,
> add keybindings, and rework some of the widgets. I would be very
> grateful to people suggesting UI stuff, even what would be great is to
> provide me with a .glade file, which is very easy to do. But well, just
> suggestions would also be welcomed :-)
> * report engine: I've been talking with some XML guys (Joaquin, Ismael),
> and I've finally understood what XSLT is, and I now know it is the way
> to go. So, the report engine would only generate XSLT, and, as Joaquin
> suggested, we could have a "converter" to be compatible with
> gnome-print, so that the XSLT returned by the engine can be easily
> accessed and used by clients.

I just want to add that I don't think that parsing the fo returned by
the engine and use gnome-print to render it is so easy.  But it can be
done, and it seems to me like a nice project in his own ;-)

I'm not followed closely enough all the report discussion.  Can someone
write up a resume of the goals of the report?  It seems like something
as the Access report engine, isn't it?  ie, you fill a "template" from a
database, and you send the output to gnome-print (for instance)?

Do you need to provide some GUI to generate the template?


Joaquín Cuenca Abela
cuenca celium net

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