RE: Antw: reports (clarification)

[Gerhard, Sep22:IMO the populating-step and the rendering-step are very
different. Therefore we
have two related, but different XML-file-formats (=DTDs)]

<GNUe guys, Sep22 >:
> > I beg to differ here...  I think the output from the report server should
> > retain the orgainzational tree structure from the template, mainly because
> > what if I want to take that report and manipulate it a few different ways
> > (e.g. strip out the header and footer for a particular report, but render it
> > a different way in another format) this allows us to only have to populate
> > the report one time with one template, and gives us a way to use XSLT or
> > jade or something to alter the document in different ways while having a way
> > to group the data. 

In case the queries are cached in the report server, it's not further
complicated to rewrite the template and have it populated with the same 
data but with a different format (template). So for every different kind
layout-engine you let the report engine do the job for 
you thus saving complexity. I hope I didn't miss something here.?

Btw. Someone might be interested in playing around with diagrams I've 
produced trying to follow  the report discussion, they can be grabbed at


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