RE: Compile Issues

> > > Meanwhile, to be able to compile the testing program, you can replace
> > > GLIB_CFLAGS by GDA_CLIENT_CFLAGS (the LIBS variables need not
> > > be changed).
> > > 
> > I think GDA_CLIENT_CFLAGS should be added to the test program, since
> > there are other libraries that are needed (XML), and, you don't have to
> > mind about whether GNOME libs are used or not, since this will be
> > replaced once and for all programs.
> I think we have to distinguish here between the dependencies that gda has
> and the dependencies a program using gda will have.
> GDA_CLIENT_CFLAGS are the dependencies gda itself has. That does not
> mean that every program that uses the gda library must have the same include
> path.
> Actually, for compiling a program using libgda the output of gda-config --cflags
> should be sufficient. (With this I don't mean that you should change gda-config
> to include all that additional libraries)
> See the example XML: surely libgda-client itself needs gnome-xml; but maybe
> it would be possible to design the gda-client.h in a way that programs using
> libgda-client don't depend on gnome-xml.h and therefore don't require the
> development package for gnome-xml installed to compile.
the gda-client.h file is provided to help programs by letting them
include just
one file. But you can always use the individual header files
etc). I'm not sure if this works right now, since I always use
gda-common.h, gda-server.h, but it's just a matter of including on each
file the individual dependencies for each one. So please try it if you

> > you haven't received any news about your CVS account?
> I am afraid not.
let me, it's not yet

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