Re: GNOME-DB, history, Open Source book

On 19 Sep 2000, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> well, thanks very much for what you say, it makes me feel good!

Not at all.  Thanks for Gnome-db.  It's really amazing to watch all these
projects sprout up.

> contact GNOME-DB authors to write in books about it. In fact, your book
> will be the second to talk about GNOME-DB, since Brian Jepson has already
> sent to print his, which I'm waiting for my copy desperately (thanks
> Brian!)

We're just doing our part.  :-)

> Michael Lausch <mla gams co at> - founder
> Alvaro del Castillo <acs futurnet es> - Rolodex and MS Access provider
> Akira TAGOH <tagoh gnome gr jp> - Debian packages and oaf-bonobo-fixer
> Brian Jepson <> - gda-build*, scripts for building GDA servers and
> clients
> Joaquin Cuenca <> - waiting for CVS account
> Reinhard Muller <reinhard gnue org> - waiting for CVS account
> Stephan Heinze <stephan heinze xcom de> - Oracle provider
> Vivien Malerba <malerba linuxave net> - Postgres provider, XML queries
> Carlos Perello <carlos hispalinux es> - GDA-report
> Chris Wiegand <cwiegand urgentmail com> - C++ bindings
> Nick Gorham <nick lurcher org> - ODBC provider
> Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo linuxave net> - Main programmer

I guess I did miss a few developers!

Congratulations.  The project is massive, and it's looking better all the

I'm checking out GNU Enterprise.  I didn't know of this project.  Also
GNOME Office is somewhat new to me.

We'll be keeping an eye on your website for developments.

Also, if you're interested, these are the two projects where Andy and I
got our start:


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