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> > The removement of that gnome dependency is one of the most urgent
> > tasks in gda and Rodrigo is working heavily on that.
> >
> yes I am, although I've stopped for a couple of days, due specially to
> the olympic games, which are 24 hours on TV, and I can't resist the
> temptation.

> > Meanwhile, to be able to compile the testing program, you can replace
> > GLIB_CFLAGS by GDA_CLIENT_CFLAGS (the LIBS variables need not
> > be changed).
> > 
> I think GDA_CLIENT_CFLAGS should be added to the test program, since
> there are other libraries that are needed (XML), and, you don't have to
> mind about whether GNOME libs are used or not, since this will be
> replaced once and for all programs.

I think we have to distinguish here between the dependencies that gda has
and the dependencies a program using gda will have.
GDA_CLIENT_CFLAGS are the dependencies gda itself has. That does not
mean that every program that uses the gda library must have the same include
Actually, for compiling a program using libgda the output of gda-config --cflags
should be sufficient. (With this I don't mean that you should change gda-config
to include all that additional libraries)

See the example XML: surely libgda-client itself needs gnome-xml; but maybe
it would be possible to design the gda-client.h in a way that programs using
libgda-client don't depend on gnome-xml.h and therefore don't require the
development package for gnome-xml installed to compile.

I'm not sure if I have explained that clearly. If you have problems understanding
what I want, we can as well go on discussing off-list or in irc.

> you haven't received any news about your CVS account?

I am afraid not.


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