Re: [gnue-reports] Re: Some ideas to the report engine...

> > I don't understand you. Why we should send the xml file to the client to
> > render it if we could send it processed and he/she don't need to know
> > how the XML and DTDs runs.
> I think we just have language translation issue. :)  As that was my
> question.  Why have the client do the work if the server is doing it
> already. :)  However, it should be an option incase some one is sadistic
> enough to want that control. :)

Me too.

I will explain my idea and then tell me if you understand it, OK?

Well, i think that you understand the export part. Then i will jump this

The feature i think that you don't understand is:

For example:

	I have a program which works with a data base. Then I want to
	show my clients some reports with the data that they
	have at the database. If they only want archive/send/or save
	as..., then they will use the export facility, OK?, but
	for example y want to show a report and change some variables on
	fly, then, for that I think that we could pass to the report
	instead of a stream with a PS, PDF, XML, etc..., a ReportObject
	that is an Objects representation of the XML report but with all
	the data inside it, then at the client part i only need define a
	graphic widget to show it. Then if we want, with the methods of
	the objects we could modify their properties (the implementation
	of this methods will be at the server part, then the client will
	never know who to do those things), for example we could change
	the date ranges form a report representation. I don't know if
	you have understand me. This way the client program has much
	more flexibility. If we do all as you suggest before (or almost
	as i have understand before), you need send a stream with all
	the report any time you modify it and for a two pages report
	this solution is not bad, but if you have 100 pages...., it's
	very slow an you need a big bandwidth.
	Please, tell me if you have understand me now.
	Thank you.

> Derek Neighbors
> GNU Enterprise
> derek gnue org

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