Re: [gnue-reports] Re: Some ideas to the report engine...

> > I am not seeing the client necessarily work like this.  Sounds like too
> > much work. :)  I would go for reuse some how.  I think xPDF is free or
> > ghostview.  So I would have report server make .ps or .pdf stream/file
> > and reuse the code from xPDF/ghostview in a client for viewing.
> >
> Well, this is another posibility, but you are thinking (IMO) in a way
> that you only have access to the result report, but if you want take
> some flexibility to the application and the user to personalize the
> report, you need render at the client side to (for example) indicate a
> date range.

I dont see how building the report in different ways has ANYTHING to do
with displaying it???  I see it as report server hands back finished
file/stream of PS,PDF, HTML, XML etc... If you wanted to have client do
rendering it would take the XML file and build its own document
(PAINFUL).  Which is why it would be better to have a tool like jade
build a PS or PDF and return that.
Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise
derek gnue org

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