Re: [gnue-reports] Re: Some ideas to the report engine...

> > > I am not seeing the client necessarily work like this.  Sounds like too
> > > much work. :)  I would go for reuse some how.  I think xPDF is free or
> > > ghostview.  So I would have report server make .ps or .pdf stream/file
> > > and reuse the code from xPDF/ghostview in a client for viewing.
> > >
> > 
> > Well, this is another posibility, but you are thinking (IMO) in a way
> > that you only have access to the result report, but if you want take
> > some flexibility to the application and the user to personalize the
> > report, you need render at the client side to (for example) indicate a
> > date range.
> I dont see how building the report in different ways has ANYTHING to do
> with displaying it???  I see it as report server hands back finished
> file/stream of PS,PDF, HTML, XML etc... If you wanted to have client do
> rendering it would take the XML file and build its own document
> (PAINFUL).  Which is why it would be better to have a tool like jade
> build a PS or PDF and return that.

I don't understand you. Why we should send the xml file to the client to
render it if we could send it processed and he/she don't need to know
how the XML and DTDs runs.

Is a layer of abstraction.

Why process to times the same thing??


> Derek Neighbors
> GNU Enterprise
> derek gnue org

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