Some ideas to the report engine...

Well, here you have the idea that i have now to the implementation of
the report engine (at the moment I'm only thinking the report viewer

Well, the IDL that I'll began to implement will be like this:

	A method to open a report (openreport), that will gave us a
	Report object.
	A method to poblate a report with data from a gda source
	A method to save the report with its data (export as XML, PS,
	PDF, HTML, etc.) (savereport)
	And a method to close the report (closereport).
	Also it needs all the exceptions to take care about the errors,

The idea is that with the Report object that we have filled after the
fillreport call, we could render it with a gnome-report or kde-report or
ncurses-report (or the name it has).


Or prehaps you want to save it as PS, PDF, HTML, XML (then you have the
savereport method). Then, will be the report-server which will export
this data as we talk before.


I think that this is the most simple approachment to this problem,
please, suggestions, ideas, questions are welcomed.


Thanks for your time. 


Carlos Perell&#-31; Mar&#-54;n
carlos hispalinux es
Valencia - Espa&#-54;a

Y tu, ya has Evolucionado?, p&#-31;sate a Evolution :-)

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