Re: gda-report and gnue

> well, I've been using (against my will) a product called Prolifics
> (, which tries to do the same thing, although not
> using
> CORBA, but a proprietary protocol. It is oriented to N-tier
> applications,
> having a server performing all the report stuff, which is then sent to
> the
> client. The only problem with this tool is that it does not work, but
> the idea, same as yours, is very good.

As far as I know my proposal doesnt work yet either. :)  But they seem
to be making a lot more money on their non working product. ;-)
> So I think what you propose is great! And very suitable also for
> standalone
> applications.

Hopefully we will soon be able to see for ourselves. :)

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise
derek gnue org

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