Re: deb's packages

> BTW, libgda still depends on GNOME(gnome-libs) as
> understand it from dependence of deb. I think that we must
> hurry this work in order to release libgda.
> Actually, this work is related with base of libgda deeply
> even if it is assumed that there was the function that isn't
> implemented yet. so, I think that I take long time as much
> as possible and want to confirm stability of libgda of
> non-GNOME dependence.
> Do you start this work?
well, the GNOME dependency will be removed as soon as the GConf stuff is
fully working. Then, only a GTK dependency will exist, but this can only
be removed when GLib 2.0 is out, as we'll have to switch from the
GtkObject stuff to the new GObject.

Also, here is a list of TODO items for the moment, so that anybody can
pick up
to work on one of them.

* GConf integration (rodrigo)
* XML database and designer (rodrigo)
* XML queries (vivien)
* import/export, based on XML database and queries
* report engine (carlos)
* Bonobo: this means lots of things, that is adding bonobo everywhere. I
   need to listen to your ideas about this.
* add missing schemas to providers: the only provider which supports all
   schemas is the Postgres one. The others are missing this.
* web site (gerardo?)

and that's all for now. So, if somebobody wants to pick one of them,
just raise
your hand.

Ah! and another thing, it was being discussed the possible inclusion of
a GNOME Office release in the upcoming GNOME 1.4 release, but it seems
people are against it due to the fact that the GNOME Office apps are not
integrated yet. But, anyway, I think we should have a full-working
release (0.1)
by the end of October to have the possibility of having it included in
GNOME release.


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