Hi all!

Due to huge changes in the source tree structure, gnome-db has now been
split into 2 modules: one is libgda and the other one is gnome-db. BUT,
the gnome-db module has been recreated, so please, whether you maintain
the translation to your language, you contribute with code or you just
check in the gnome-db source, remove your current local copy and check
it out again to get the new module(s).

gnome-db in CVS already downloads libgda, so there is no need to check
out both.

If you've got some changes in your local copy and have any problem while
checking them in, just send them to me (rodrigo linuxave net), and I'll
do it myself.

This change in CVS will be made in 24 hours (this will be Wednesday
evening in Europe).


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