Re: deb's packages

Rodrigo wrote:
> well, the GNOME dependency will be removed as soon as the GConf stuff is
> fully working. Then, only a GTK dependency will exist, but this can only
> be removed when GLib 2.0 is out, as we'll have to switch from the
> GtkObject stuff to the new GObject.
> Also, here is a list of TODO items for the moment, so that anybody can
> pick up
> to work on one of them.
> * GConf integration (rodrigo)
> * XML database and designer (rodrigo)
> * XML queries (vivien)

Will give something soon. Working on it.

> * import/export, based on XML database and queries
> * report engine (carlos)
> * Bonobo: this means lots of things, that is adding bonobo everywhere. I
> still
>    need to listen to your ideas about this.
> * add missing schemas to providers: the only provider which supports all
> the
>    schemas is the Postgres one. The others are missing this.

The Postgres provider sould soon work with Postgres V0.7.x

> * web site (gerardo?)
> and that's all for now. So, if somebobody wants to pick one of them,
> just raise
> your hand.
> Ah! and another thing, it was being discussed the possible inclusion of
> a GNOME Office release in the upcoming GNOME 1.4 release, but it seems
> that
> people are against it due to the fact that the GNOME Office apps are not
> integrated yet. But, anyway, I think we should have a full-working
> release (0.1)
> by the end of October to have the possibility of having it included in
> the
> GNOME release.
> cheers



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