Re: deb's packages

>>>>> On Tue, 05 Sep 2000 15:58:07 +0200,
>>>>> "RM" == Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo linuxave net> wrote:

RM> Hi Akira!
RM> Two quick things: please resend me your new email address as Evolution
RM> has lost some of my mail messages received yesterday. (I was warned
RM> about it, so I can't blame anybody).

well, From of this mail is a new address.

BTW, libgda still depends on GNOME(gnome-libs) as
understand it from dependence of deb. I think that we must
hurry this work in order to release libgda.
Actually, this work is related with base of libgda deeply
even if it is assumed that there was the function that isn't
implemented yet. so, I think that I take long time as much
as possible and want to confirm stability of libgda of
non-GNOME dependence.

Do you start this work?

Best regards,

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