New gda-repor.[ch] and DTD

Well, i have update the gda-report's files to implement the actual DTD features.

Please, read it and tell me your opinions.

I think that we need include into this module the funtions to:
* execute the queries and save the data (also in a XML tree?).
* save the result of the queries in a XML file.
* load a file data.
* What other kind of features must do this library?
At the moment i think that when we implement the points i talk about before, then the rest of things to do (display the report, and the report designer) are the dependent part of the widgets.

Please correct me if i'm wrong.

P.S.: I also need to implement the query part, at the moment i don't do nothing.

Carlos Perelló Marín
Valencia - España

Y tu, ¿ya has Evolucionado?, pásate a Evolution :-)

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