Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: POP3 Provider

What exactly is gda-*?

In evolution we already have camel which is very serparatable,
it only uses 2 other libraries from evolution - libibex for
indexing and some little utilities in libeutil.

What are you doing anyway?  This post doesn't make enough
sense on its own.


> I forward it to the evolution-hackers.
> >>>>> On Thu, 31 Aug 2000 20:15:00 +0200,
> >>>>> "RM" == Rodrigo Moya <> wrote:
> RM> Good idea! In fact, it's on the TODO list. But, I have thought myself
> RM> about this, and I think it would be a better idea to have a
> RM> gda-evolution-provider. That is, this way, you'll be able to access
> RM> POP3, IMAP, vfolder, and, most important, the distributed evolution
> RM> calendar and other similar things. This also will avoid to have a
> RM> gda-pop3-provider, a gda-imap-provider... The only "problem" I see on
> RM> this is that this will depend on GNOME, but only this provider (not a
> RM> problem, as the rest of GDA will still remain GNOME-independent).
> RM> Another solution, also depending on GNOME, would be to use the libcamel
> RM> provided in evolution, which is the layer accessing all the different
> RM> mail protocols. What do you think?
> I think that it is better to use libcamel if I think about a
> development cost. but, the people can use libcamel only with
> Evolution currently. I think that Evolution team needs to
> separate with libcamel as glibwww separated from gtkhtml so
> that we use libcamel.
> However, libcamel includes the function that there isn't
> need for GNOME-DB. If say exactly, libcamel may become
> necessary what kind of function we support with
> gda-mail-provider. for example, if gda-mail-provider gets
> only row data of mail from server and leave the later
> process to an application, libcamel will be needless.
> If mail server handles it as a kind of DBMS, I think that
> minimum header defined with RFC wants to get it with
> gda-mail-provider easily.
> Therefore I think that it is the nearest way to use
> libcamel.
> RM> Before somebody starts to flame about the usefulness of a mail provider,
> RM> I must say that I've seen lots of software implementing a form of mail
> RM> storage in a database, so I think this kind of provider would be very
> RM> useful for this kind of software. You could, if you want, export the
> RM> data from the providers to a real DBMS. 
> I know too. Because GNOME-DB has gda-mail-provider, mail and
> connection of DBMS will become very easy! A developer builds
> in GNOME-DB to application, and it may easily realize to
> stores away the mail which gda-mail-provider got in DBMS.
> Thanks,
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