Re: New gda-repor.[ch] and DTD

> Carlos Perello Marin wrote:
> Well, i have update the gda-report's files to implement the actual DTD
> features.
> Please, read it and tell me your opinions.
> I think that we need include into this module the funtions to:
>      * execute the queries and save the data (also in a XML
>      tree?).
>      * save the result of the queries in a XML file.
>      * load a file data.
>      * What other kind of features must do this library?
What I would do is what I said some time ago. I would define a set of
signals for the Gda_Report object to be emitted when the report is being
generated. That is, a "begin_doc", "add_header"... signals. It wouldn't
be a bad idea to save as well the report output to a XML file.

These signals would be very useful for frontends to the report, such as
the GNOME specific part we talked about.

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