Re: Sybase and Gnomedb

"Peter C. Norton" wrote:
> The sybase CTLib is very similar to ODBC.  It should be straightforward to
> copy from it.  Since the ODBC code shouldn't be used anymore, someone could
> document how we should come up with more providers w/o basing them on
> current code.
Yes, have a look at the mysql provider on CVS. you can start by copying
all the files in gda-ldap-server to your new directory and then changing
all LDAP/ldap ocurrences by sybase (or whatever providerb you want to
do). Thus, you'll have the basic structure done, and then having a look
at how the new libgda-server lib is ussed in the mysql provider should
be enough to start.

As soon as I've got time (I think by next week), I'll add something in
the documentation about all this.


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