Re: Sybase and Gnomedb

Lee Smith wrote:
> I have sifted through the list archives looking for something relating to
> Syabse.  Unfortunatly I found nothing.  I am exploring different methods of
> connecting to our sybase server with a gtk front end.  Gnome-DB looks
> promising.  I have however come across my first problem.  The gdalib file.
> I have used gda-mgr to set it up.  It is as follows:
> [Datasources]
> [TEST]
> Provider=sybase
> Description=TEST DB
> Username=IT
> Configurator=None
> When using the "gda-fe" I get the error upon attempting to connect:
> "Could not open CORBA factory"
> I am lost to what this error indicates.
> Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
> thx
The problem you're having is that the sybase provider (gda-sybase-srv)
does not work at all, so it's never compiled. Support for sybase is not
ready yet, so please use another DBMS (if you can of course) when using
gnome-db. Or even better, help us to add it if you know the sybase API.


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