Re: gda-buildserver

Brian Jepson wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> [...]
> > Let me a couple of days to add the new templates to CVS so that you can
> > start with it. But for the moment, you can play around with the old
> > templates, as the mechanism is the same.
> [...]
> OK - I took a first pass at it, and it now runs with --skels. I'm not sure
> if it does the right thing, but it basically works (until it tries to link
> and can't find main). I've attached the diff to this email message.
Ok, the new templates are now on CVS. I've just included the function
prototypes and definitions. I must add a short description of what each
function is supposed to do, but for the moment, for people wanting to
add new providers (Peter) you can use these templates and the
gda-mysql-server as a guide for doing so.

Brian, you can use these templates for testing the gda-buildserver
script now. I think what you should do is just generate the skeletons
(--skels) and then try to compile these templates to produce an
executable. And if this works, the script is ok!


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