Re: [Fwd: Re: Pregunta sobre el estado de gnome-db para el desarrollo]

Carlos Perelló Marín wrote:
> Rodrigo Moya escribió:
> >
> > > The XmlQuery stuff is designed to have a convenient way to store queries in a
> > > file (rather than using SQL-like specific text for each query).
> > >
> > Yes, Carlos, you should use the Gda_Xmlquery object to specify the
> > SELECT statements for the report. So this means, Vivien, that the
> > Gda_Xmlquery object should allow saving it in a file on its own, or as
> > part of a report.
> >
> > > Have a look at a soft, Metaphrast, that I found some time ago at:
> > >
> > > I think they are trying to do something similar.
> > >
> > It looks great! and at a first look, it seems to be the same we want
> > more or less. So you could start by looking at how they do this for
> > doing your own library. Or maybe you can reuse their engine, I don't
> > know.
> >
> > If I've understood well from what I've read in their web site, they
> > generate the XML file from the result of a query(s) and then it's a
> > widget which displays it. I think what we want is slightly different: we
> > want to have the XML file wrote only once, and then each time the user
> > wants to run the report, you must parse the XML file, get the desired
> > data from the database, and then, when all data is get, make a preview
> > of or print the resulting generated report.
> >
> > So as we said, I don't see glade/libglade fit on this.
> Well, I see the light!!!!
> Thanks folks i will read all code from metaphrast, I will study for
> all my exams and I will send you an email with the proposition for the
> new gda-report element (yes Rodrigo, i will use the name you choose
> for it!!).
Yesterday I was thinking (yes, sometimes I do), and I decided to add a
new object(s) to the gda-common library to manage a generic XML file, as
we need to do so for several files: Gda_Report and Gda_XmlDatabase (to
export/import data). So, if you agree with me on this, I'll do the

struct Gda_XmlFile -> contains all code to hide the XML file access
struct Gda_XmlReport -> a subclass of Gda_XmlFile with all specific code
for the report file
struct Gda_XmlDatabase -> a subclass of Gda_XmlFile with all specific
code for the database file

then, I'll add a Gda_XmlObject which wraps all access to the specific
items on each XML file format. For example, Gda_XmlQuery would be a
subclass of this Gda_XmlObject.

So, what do you think?

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