Re: [Fwd: Re: Pregunta sobre el estado de gnome-db para el desarrollo]

> The XmlQuery stuff is designed to have a convenient way to store queries in a
> file (rather than using SQL-like specific text for each query). 
Yes, Carlos, you should use the Gda_Xmlquery object to specify the
SELECT statements for the report. So this means, Vivien, that the
Gda_Xmlquery object should allow saving it in a file on its own, or as
part of a report.

> Have a look at a soft, Metaphrast, that I found some time ago at:
> I think they are trying to do something similar.
It looks great! and at a first look, it seems to be the same we want
more or less. So you could start by looking at how they do this for
doing your own library. Or maybe you can reuse their engine, I don't

If I've understood well from what I've read in their web site, they
generate the XML file from the result of a query(s) and then it's a
widget which displays it. I think what we want is slightly different: we
want to have the XML file wrote only once, and then each time the user
wants to run the report, you must parse the XML file, get the desired
data from the database, and then, when all data is get, make a preview
of or print the resulting generated report.

So as we said, I don't see glade/libglade fit on this.

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