Re: [Fwd: Re: Pregunta sobre el estado de gnome-db para el desarrollo]

Rodrigo Moya escribió:
> >
> > Well, i have read your link
> > (, i
> > don't have any experience with XML, but i will learn :-).
> >
> As we're going to add GTK objects to wrap the Gda_XmlQuery (and some
> more), you don't have to deal too much with XML for this part, but you
> should do it for the file format to be used to save the report. There is
> some code in the gda-clnt directory (gda-xml.[ch]), which shows you a
> little bit how to make this wrappers. Although, you should better have a
> look at other code, because it's not very clean. You can find more info
> at, there's a libxml tutorial there.

Ok, thanks, i will read it.

> > I don't know were i must start with all this. Some idea? (if not,  I
> > will begun with the integration with GLADE to build the form's editor,
> > ok?.
> >
> IMO, you should start by wrapping the Gda_Report (or whatever name you
> use) as is Vivien going to do with the Gda_XmlQuery object. For this,
> you make wrapper functions for all access to the XML stuff (save, load,
> set_property, add_*, ....). Then, being able to programatically modify,
> load and save this XML file format, you build the gnome-print stuff
> (preview and printing), and the UI designer based in glade/libglade.

One thing i don't understand well, if i will use glade to create the
form in a graphical way, Why don't use the glade's xml file format?

> And in the code:
> * in gda-clnt/ -> add a gda-report object (like it's done with
> recordset, connection*) to be able to manage a XML file representing the
> report.
> * in gda-clnt-ui -> use the gnome-db-report.* files for all the UI
> stuff: printing and preview and UI designer
> I haven't all this very clear myself, so if I'm wrong, correct me.

Well at the moment you have it more clear than me. When i study it in
a better way i will tell you if you are wrong or not :-D.

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