Re: sybase


FreeTDS is api compatible with ctlib (although we don't implement everything
that openclient does).  SQL Anywhere since 5.0.3 has supported the TDS
4.2/5.0 protocol either natively or using OpenServer Gateway under the 5.x
versions.  So it should work, discounting unimplemented features and bugs


On Fri, 4 Aug 2000, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> Hi all!
> Thanks to Holger Thorn and Stephan Heinze, we've got now support for
> another DBMS: sybase. I've just checked in what Holger sent me. I
> haven't tested it, since I've got sybase SQL Anywhere, which does not
> seem to include the ctlib.
> So, one question, if I try to compile the sybase provider with the
> freeTDS libs, will I be able to access my SQL Anywhere database? or does
> it use a different protocol?
> cheers
> PS: BTW Holger, you sent me the message you got from Stephan in German!!
> I don't understand at all German, so could you please translate it into
> English and send it back?
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