Re: FW: katabase and mysql?

> Chris Wiegand wrote:
> >
> > Guys, have we considered the possibility of perhaps having a KDE
interface as well? I'll admit, I'm not familiar with Corba, or how hard it
would be, but I would be interested in working on such a thing - I'm
familiar with KDE programming. Is there interest? Would it be a Bad Idea?
> I don't mind at all having a KDE front end, in fact yesterday I had a
> talk about gnome-db and I was asked about this. But, there are some
> things to have in mind:
> * we don't want to have all the code plenty of #ifdefs
> * we're not changing, by any mean, the object-oriented design of the
> client libs (that is, we're not removing the GTK+ object system). For
> GTK 1.4, there will be a GObject stuff in glib, so that you don't depend
> on GTK (and X). When this is ready, we can switch to this, so that the
> KDE part just will depend on glib, and not on GTK+.
> * what CORBA implementation is being used in KDE?

I was thinking, at least at first, that I'd basically make it a C++ API on
top of the existing gda libraries (basically, a client). As far as corba,
they aren't really using one, they claim it's just not good enough, and are
using libICE. I was thinking of using orbit, since the code is already
written for it. I could, once GTK 1.4 is out, just use the existing code,
and if necessary change the widgets to point to KDE ones.

> So, the solution I see here is either to rewrite all the client part for
> the KDE part (not a good idea), or use the current implementation (and
> depend on GTK+) and as soon as the GObject stuff is on the stable branch
> of glib, remove this dependency and only depend on glib.
> And about the widgets lib, what? I can't see a way of using it from KDE,
> except doing a KDE-only version. And the bonobo part? or do they want
> just to use the CORBA stuff (gda-client)?

That's something I'm thinking about, and I'm looking at the client-side of
things now in gda to see how it all ties together.

> Cheers
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