Re: FW: katabase and mysql?

Chris Wiegand wrote:
> Guys, have we considered the possibility of perhaps having a KDE interface as well? I'll admit, I'm not familiar with Corba, or how hard it would be, but I would be interested in working on such a thing - I'm familiar with KDE programming. Is there interest? Would it be a Bad Idea?
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> actually,
> we've suffered rehashed death. i have no time, and got bored of
> listen to rehashed arguments, the same is the case of the other two. if
> you guys wanna take this over and basically merge none existant code (we
> never left the talking phase), feel free. the main person to talk to would
> be mike kosh. about corba, i have no idea. they probably could but i
> wouldn't know. the best person to ask would probably be reggie or one of
> the KDE dev people.
> let me know if you'd be interested in merging stuff (i would guess out
> side of the gui there would not be that much to migrate).

I don't mind at all having a KDE front end, in fact yesterday I had a
talk about gnome-db and I was asked about this. But, there are some
things to have in mind:

* we don't want to have all the code plenty of #ifdefs
* we're not changing, by any mean, the object-oriented design of the
client libs (that is, we're not removing the GTK+ object system). For
GTK 1.4, there will be a GObject stuff in glib, so that you don't depend
on GTK (and X). When this is ready, we can switch to this, so that the
KDE part just will depend on glib, and not on GTK+.
* what CORBA implementation is being used in KDE?

So, the solution I see here is either to rewrite all the client part for
the KDE part (not a good idea), or use the current implementation (and
depend on GTK+) and as soon as the GObject stuff is on the stable branch
of glib, remove this dependency and only depend on glib.

And about the widgets lib, what? I can't see a way of using it from KDE,
except doing a KDE-only version. And the bonobo part? or do they want
just to use the CORBA stuff (gda-client)?


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