FW: katabase and mysql?

Guys, have we considered the possibility of perhaps having a KDE interface as well? I'll admit, I'm not familiar with Corba, or how hard it would be, but I would be interested in working on such a thing - I'm familiar with KDE programming. Is there interest? Would it be a Bad Idea?

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we've suffered rehashed death. i have no time, and got bored of
listen to rehashed arguments, the same is the case of the other two. if
you guys wanna take this over and basically merge none existant code (we
never left the talking phase), feel free. the main person to talk to would
be mike kosh. about corba, i have no idea. they probably could but i
wouldn't know. the best person to ask would probably be reggie or one of
the KDE dev people.

let me know if you'd be interested in merging stuff (i would guess out
side of the gui there would not be that much to migrate).


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