Re: questions

San Segkhoonthod wrote:
> Thank you very much.  I'll try what you suggested.
> > no, this is because ALL the providers use the GNOME libraries but are
> >   not connected to the GnomeSession object's signals. It's not a bug, just
> >   an extra we must have until we remove all GNOME libs dependencies. To
> >   avoid it, just press 'Remove program' and the dialog won't appear
> >   anymore.
> >
>     I see.  I tried it and the dialog never appear again.
> > Could you send the patch?
> >
>     Yes, I'm willing to do that and I will help as much as possible,
> and also 'd like to see gnome successful.  But I'm very new to
> Linux/Gnome/Free Software environment and I don't know how to do it.
> Anyway, I wiill learn to do it.
I thought you said you had to change something in the source files? In
that case, just make a diff between your changed file and the same file
in CVS like this:

diff changed_file original_file > my_patch

and send us the "my_patch" file.


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