I am a new gnome-db user.  I have just started to use gnome-db.  I have
the following questions:
1. How to retrieve all columns in a particular table?
I've tried to
    rs = gda_connection_open_schema(cnc,
GDA_Connection_GDCN_SCHEMA_TABLES, "emp", GDA_Connection_no_CONSTRAINT);

but it didn't work.

2. Many time that I was prompted with the dialog saying that "No
response to the Save Yourself command. ...." and it let me choose to
remove or cancel.  I guess that this is a bug in mysql provider.

3. testing program crashed:
    - gda-client-test7, 9, and 12

#12 seemed to have a bug at "select * from table" (line 96)-- it didn't
use command line.  I changed that line and it worked fine.

Actually, I found many crashs  but I guess it is still in a very initial
state, so I didn't report bugs.  Please tell me If I'm wrong.


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