Re: questions

San Segkhoonthod wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a new gnome-db user.  I have just started to use gnome-db.  I have
> the following questions:
> 1. How to retrieve all columns in a particular table?
> I've tried to
>     rs = gda_connection_open_schema(cnc,
> GDA_Connection_GDCN_SCHEMA_TABLES, "emp", GDA_Connection_no_CONSTRAINT);
> but it didn't work.
rs = gda_connection_open_schema(cnc, GDA_Connection_GDCN_SCHEMA_COLS,
GDA_Connection_OBJECT_NAME, table_name, GDA_Connection_no_CONSTRAINT);

> 2. Many time that I was prompted with the dialog saying that "No
> response to the Save Yourself command. ...." and it let me choose to
> remove or cancel.  I guess that this is a bug in mysql provider.
no, this is because ALL the providers use the GNOME libraries but are
not connected to the GnomeSession object's signals. It's not a bug, just
an extra we must have until we remove all GNOME libs dependencies. To
avoid it, just press 'Remove program' and the dialog won't appear

> 3. testing program crashed:
>     - gda-client-test7, 9, and 12
They're very old, so they might be doing something wrong.

> #12 seemed to have a bug at "select * from table" (line 96)-- it didn't
> use command line.  I changed that line and it worked fine.
Could you send the patch?

> Actually, I found many crashs  but I guess it is still in a very initial
> state, so I didn't report bugs.  Please tell me If I'm wrong.
If you're using MySQL, yes it's still in development, as well as the
others, but for example the PostgreSQL provider is quite stable,
although it may crash sometimes.


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