Hi all!

I've been these last days trying to make the gda-server lib work with
the new Interbase provider. I've been able to connect, disconnect,
start/commit/rollback transactions, so we're on the way to have at last
the providers implementattion a bit easier. It crashes very often, but
I'm on it, so I hope to have it working very soon.

Another thing is about what Vivien suggested about the several config
components. I think it's great to have something like this, since there
will be apps which just need to configure, for example, users, and it
could not fit to have a big component allowing for the configuration of
all the database.

For this, I've been making tests with my local copy of what Vivien
committed to CVS these last days. And it works quite good!

The only thing, as I talked with Vivien, is that the GOAD IDs of the
components must be renamed: so:



.... any other config components (-database, ...)

What do you think?

And the last thing: we need to make a release very soon, as April GNOME
is coming out. I've thought of making the RPMs without bonobo support,
as most people don't have it installed. But I've also thought about
providing in the gnome-db site the RPMs for the bonobo version which
works with gnome-db, so that people MUST download them. Do you think
it's fair to do this to users? or shall we just release them without
bonobo support?

And after this release, I'd like to make releases more often (last one
was in February), specially now that we can say it's a development
release (until we reach the 0.1, which will be when GNOME-2.0 comes out,
in late summer).


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