Re: gda-server

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> Bruno! Glad to hear again from you! Where were you?

As always :) I was silent because I'm busy working on mysql-analyser.
Much progress. I'll make a realase very soon !

> > Hi Rodrigo,
> > Bonobo is a key feature of gnome. As long as bonobo isn't more widely
> > used, users are too lazy to download it and install it. I think that you
> > should integrate bonobo in the next release.
> >
> > I'd like to see bonobo working in applications like gnumeric and
> > gnome-db. So IMHO you should make a bonobo only version.
> >
> So you mean to have tow versions, one with bonobo and another one
> without? or just a bonobo-only version?
Usually, that's what gnumeric does. But here, I strongly suggest to have
only one version : the bonobo one. In order to force users to install

Bonobo is very very important. It will bring gnome-db to usability level
higly above any other program. Imagine, you'll be able to import/export
data sheet from gnome-db to gnumeric, plot charts from database
information...Wants more ?

Bruno Mairlot
----------  VirgoPlus  ------------  Tel : +32-4-253 00 85       Fax : +32-4-253 00 49

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