Re: gda-server

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> Hi all!

> And the last thing: we need to make a release very soon, as April GNOME
> is coming out. I've thought of making the RPMs without bonobo support,
> as most people don't have it installed. But I've also thought about
> providing in the gnome-db site the RPMs for the bonobo version which
> works with gnome-db, so that people MUST download them. Do you think
> it's fair to do this to users? or shall we just release them without
> bonobo support?

Hi Rodrigo,
Bonobo is a key feature of gnome. As long as bonobo isn't more widely
used, users are too lazy to download it and install it. I think that you
should integrate bonobo in the next release.

I'd like to see bonobo working in applications like gnumeric and
gnome-db. So IMHO you should make a bonobo only version.

> And after this release, I'd like to make releases more often (last one
> was in February), specially now that we can say it's a development
> release (until we reach the 0.1, which will be when GNOME-2.0 comes out,
> in late summer).


Bruno Mairlot
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