new config component

Hi all!

We've got, at last, the first config component working. Nick has made a
lib which contains a GtkODBCConfig widget, which is then loaded by the
gda ODBC config component (gda-odbc-server/gda-odbc-config-main.c, look
at this as a template for the other config components).

To compile it, you must install unixODBC and the latest gODBCConfig
widget (which Nick can send to you, or is it in the
unixODBC CVS server?). I had to make some changes to the gODBCConfig
widget to make it work, but apart from this, it worked!!!!! Get in
contact with Nick or with me to know what you must change, if it's not
yet on CVS.

Of course, you'll also need bonobo-0.10 (as I said the other day, I can
send RPMs to you if you want).


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