Re: GDA_Date??

Le mer, 05 avr 2000, Chris Wiegand a écrit :
> BTW, Vivien, where are the conversion routines (ie. converting from
> Postgres types to GDA and back? I tried to find them to see how they did
> it, and couldn't find them.) ?

In gda-postgres-recset.c, the function fill_field_values() takes values that
are from a postgres query, and fill the values of the corresponding field
(depending on the type). So the conversion of data is in this function.

As for the types conversion (making postgres types match the gda ones, there is
a unique array which is in gda-postgres-connection.c (types_array) which is
accessed by several other functions to find values in it. "Strange" data types
specific to postgres are considered as varchar (the default). There will always
be some data types which will be unknown to gnome-db simply because the user of
postgres can define his own data types (so these types are treated as varchar).

I hop this will help. If you want some more info on things you don't understand
in the postgres provider's code, I will try to help if I can.



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